A little about me

I have been a professional graphic designer for 14 years; I have been a creative forever. Half my career has been spent at healthcare/pharmaceutical advertising agencies, helping clients create and maintain worldwide products and brands. How did I get here?

In high school, I loved art but I didn’t know that careers in art existed until my art teacher suggested I go to an art and design college. She helped me prepare my portfolio and apply for financial aid, even driving me to my interview in another city. I was accepted and received a scholarship.

Visual communications was an appealing major to me because of the challenge of designing thoughtful, innovative and beautiful images to convey ideas. I also noted its great potential for a professional career in art.

I didn’t touch a computer until my second year. And to this day I rely on pen and paper when beginning any new project. At this point in my career, I’ve accumulated a mental database of starting points for all types of projects. Digital, print, packaging, whatever, I have an eclectic library of previous work to reflect on. What makes that an asset is that I can take ideas that maybe didn’t work for a past project and apply them to a new creative problem while incorporating updated technologies and design trends. This is what makes me a fast and efficient problem solver; I start with what I know and expand upon it.