Origin Studio

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I recently started an accessories company, Origin Studio. Currently, I have one product in five styles. The wallets are made in the United States using a special plastic-like paper that’s not only water and tear-resistant, but 100% recyclable and produced in an eco-conscious manner.

Modular Shelving

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Bizzarrini Logo

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Pool ball candle holders

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Rug basement

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Antler handlebars

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Paco Peregrin

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Paco Peregrín4

Paco Peregrín3

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Custom Speedo

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Ryo Takemasa

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ryotakemasa-1 ryotakemasa-2

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Typography poster

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Apple iPhone case

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This is old already but I don’t have a new iPhone or this case. I believe that if Steve Jobs were still around he would not have allowed this case to happen. If you’re going to have holes that show the colored plastic then you’d better find a way to show the name of the phone. It’s almost like this is was not designed by Apple.