Origin Studio

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I recently started an accessories company, Origin Studio. Currently, I have one product in five styles. The wallets are made in the United States using a special plastic-like paper that’s not only water and tear-resistant, but 100% recyclable and produced in an eco-conscious manner.

I fixed the bike share

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Chicago DIvvy bike share program

Island Illustration

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Found here.

Handmade sign

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Hiking boots

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Found here.

Bee portraits

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bee-4 bee-1 bee-2 bee-3

Found here.

Another illustration sold

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Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.29.49 AM

After the Heartbleed bug swept the Internet I went to my Shutterstock account and added “heartbleed” to one of my images. I don’t think it sold before but after I added that keyword it did. Now I’m 25¢ richer!

Bombed van

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Buff Monster

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Crazy wheat paste

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Man’s Ruin

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